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Inspira Health Network

Based in Vineland, New Jersey, Inspira Health Network is a respected network of health care providers, delivering the full continuum of primary, acute and advanced care services. In 2020 Centretek led the redesign of the Inspira Health Network website.

Website Redesign

About the Project

Inspira needed a comprehensive refresh of its enterprise website. More broadly, the project required the establishment of a component based design system, in addition to key features such as a smart global search and locations directory.

Website redesign & design system creation: View Website


UX Design / Art Direction

Inspira Mobile App

The Challenge

The Inspira Mobile App is a cutting-edge solution that brings healthcare access to users' fingertips. Seamlessly integrating with the Inspira Health Systems network, the app empowers patients to manage their health journey with convenience. Through intuitive navigation, users can schedule appointments, access medical records, receive personalized health recommendations, and even engage in telehealth consultations. The app's user-centric design emphasizes ease of use, ensuring that patients of all ages can harness its benefits effortlessly. By bridging the gap between technology and healthcare, the Inspira Mobile App exemplifies the organization's commitment to delivering modern, patient-centered care in a digital age.

Mobile App UI Design


UX Design / Art Direction